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Chang Yang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 specialized in connectors and cables including Audio, Home Theater, Video, Computer and Network Essentials. We have comprehensive product lines and always dedicate to invent and improve our products to maintain the highest customer satisfaction.

We have been awarded by ISO9001; ISO14001 and OHSAS18000 to provide our customer and end user reliable quality and satisfaction. Today, Chang yang is one of the adaptors in HDMI Licensing LLC.

In addition, we passed some licenses like HDMI1.4b ATC certificate ,CE,FCC,USB 3.0 approval ...etc in spite of providing most well-qualified products for our customers. We work closely with our customers and maintain competitive edge by providing performance service and substantial customer satisfaction.

Mission and Objective of our Company

Our Vision
To provide our customers with products and services that is at ease to use, and to create a safe environment for our stakeholders where everyone can enjoy and excel, and work together like a family.

Our Mission
To be one of the leading technology provider on design solution for personal, home and office environment.Through our expertise in manufacturing, we have long been qualified by world known industry leader to be their accredited ODM and OEM partner.


HDMI Adopter
HDMI 1.4b ATC Certificate
Premium HDMI Cable Certificate